This website is result of may unsuccessful attempts to cook something that would satisfy me in at least minimal level. Static websites seem to be way to go for people like me. Easy to maintain, small, fast, safe. What not to like... OK, there are sacrifices. This website requires a lot of work, but in current shape would let me publish something from time to time.

I'd write "please enjoy", but for now the more adequate expression would be just "feel free to dive in", don't expect bells and whistles, however. Thank you for your visit.


1 Page Some of my projects I do in my spare time...

My Technicalities

1 Section This section is intended to present some aspects of areas of my professional and private technical interests. Currently this is only a draft of an idea about the space to collect the knowledge scattered throughout the web. Some of it is quite intriguing and I find these pieces sometimes pretty hard to find again.


8 Pages My name is Michał Fita. This is a few words about me and this site.