My name is Michał Fita. If you wonder what is the last character in my name, it's Polish accented character represented by a glyph called lstroke in Adobe's glyph name convention, Unicode U+0142. The name is pronounced [ˈmʲixaw]. As you can guess (or not) I'm coming from Poland, a beautiful country in Central Europe. I was born in Kraków, a large heritage city, that was the capital city of Poland till 1795.

This site was an experiment conducted to learn more about using Python - my previously favourite programming language - to build web sites. But I would like to fill it with content related to me and my professional life, plus some hobby related stuff. Current stage of the project is very weak setup of the application underneath... works well so far.

I decided to follow the trend of static web site generators, and this is attempt run my private website using Zola which is written in Rust - my currently favourite language...