Original Story

My adventure with the Internet ‒ as both the great technology and social phenomenon ‒ started in 1995, during summer holidays, at my High School. There was a time when access to the internet was reserved for university teachers, scientists and insistent students. Pupils didn't even dream about it. There was, however, one other high school in Kraków which had a privilege of having access to the network available for its pupils. These holidays mine become the second.

From that moment I've started learning about the network, UNIX systems, C programming. That was the breakthrough that started shaping my further career. My first contact with HTML as the source code for web pages occurred a couple months later. Till 2003 I had brighter and shadier moments with achievements in HTML itself ‒ I mean the creation of web pages.

But I've never made my true professional private site, for myself, about me, about my interests, etc. Honestly saying, there were moments when I preferred to rather hide myself from the curious eyes of web crawlers. In fact, my perception of privacy in the Internet hasn't changed much since then; that's the reason why I still don't posses my profile on Zukerberg's site. It seems I can be proud of that today. But having a finger on the pulse of what potentially I need to protect about my private life, doesn't mean I have to hide things related to my professional career and experience. I'm maintaining a complex career profile on View Michał Fita's LinkedIn profile LinkedIn since 2006, but that site has its annoying limitations and restrictions. A much less popular‍ StackOverflow CV (former Career 2.0) allows their members describe experience in a more suited way, but washed out from other social features.

For hard to say how long now I wanted to create my private site to describe my experience better. I'd like to add comments to my curriculum, plus from time to time publish some notes about particular areas of my interests or my experiments. I found one important obstacle ‒ I don't like the idea of applying Web 2.0 philosophy into my site. I am behind the times maybe, but that doesn't fit here. Just don't. And how would like to become an active user of my site?

I hope that from now on I'll be able to contribute in this project and put some stuff here from time to time.


After many failures to actually bring my website to work with technologies I thought make sense at that time, in the end of 2019 I decided to switch from Mezzanine written in Python into static website generator Zola written in Rust. I found the fact I have to just maintain a git repository to manage my website much more appealing, easier and more productive than clicking through administrative forms of Django application.

The time will tell how this approach is going to play with me...