Software Developer at Hadean Supercomputing

The job at Hadean found me. More precisely I was invited to take part in recruitment process for a company which does a lot of C++ and Rust. I wanted to do Rust profesionally very much, but I've actually passed the interview's refactoring test in C++ with flying colours. At the beginning the structure of the software engineering required people to be jacks of all trades, so I programmed a bit in C#, Python, C++ and Rust. Since about October 2021 I've been tasked with more Rust assignments and since about March 2022 I'm member of the squad that owns the Platform. That component of the Hadean's portfolio is written in mostly in Rust, with support of domain specific languages like Terraform.

This product offers the application running on top of it to scale up in the cloud automatically, using API calls available in both Rust and C++. It was originally aiming at gaming industry, but today it's intended to host various simulations or compute intensive applications for military or scientific projects.