Senior IT Specialist at ABB CRC Poland

During my short adventure in ABB Corporate Research Center in Kraków I was working on new product, that require a lot of preparation and understanding prior to start. The start of that project was delayed at that time, so I've managed to take part in the training that led to obtain Certified Profinet Engineer certificate. That was an interesting experience if I connect that knowledge with my previous experience with Ethernet networks.

The platform on which the product was intended to be implemented was based on a proprietary variant of ARM processor (ASIC) that contained hardware acceleration for industrial Fieldbus protocols. The same company that delivered that chip, also delivered a real-time operating system, that was very specific to that hardware platform, have a lot of bugs and was poorly documented. Achieving a simple goal required a lot of experiments.

While the work wasn't going as smoothly as expected and my perception of the unwritten company's policy regarding commercially viable products becomes unpopular, our paths diverged in March 2013. I'm quite pleased that happens so smoothly.

As a final note, I would like to add a comment that the title Software IT Specialist completely doesn't reflect the duties and engagement of people on this position. That unfortunate name comes from company's statutes that every engineer related to computers fall into the identical bag.