Senior Software Engineer at Hitachi Data Systems

I was hired by Hitachi Data Systems in Bracknell (formerly BlueArc) in May 2013 after answering some questions sent to me in a questionnaire by the recruiter and taking part in the person to person interview in the office. I had to especially fly to the UK to take part in that interview. It was is sequence conducted by three distinctive directors. I would say quite a stressful situation, but they were pleasant and haven't been putting much pressure over me during the whole process.

When I joined the company, I became part of the newly formed team created to conduct a project at the semi-application level of their flagship product, related to the feature that was going to affect the whole system. This made the product multi-tenant capable. When we finished that project the whole team jumped into the development of bricks for a new product, that was planned to be revealed in late 2015 or early 2016.

I was writing the code in C++ that went into the product and some test scripts in Ruby that ran on the company's automated test system. I worked on the implementation of dedicated PAM module and prepared new Debian packages. Additionally, I was conducting small feasibility studies of changes we planned to implement, which would potentially turn into bits and pieces of a few larger features; these were related to internal details of a pretty complex product.

I left the company in March 2015, several weeks before my colleagues found out they became redundant. Most projects carried then, at the verge of my presence there, had been cancelled in the result.